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Devine, J. y Kullmann, C., «Introductory guide to sanitation marketing». Water and Sanitation Program, WSP, S.l., p. vii, 56 p.; 10 boxes; 5 tab.; 8 fig.; 6 photographs, 2011.
Kullmann, C. y Ahmed, R., «Scaling up rural sanitation : long term sustainability of improved sanitation in rural Bangladesh». Water and Sanitation Program, WSP, S.l., p. 4 p.; 3 fig.; 1 map, 2011.
Perez, E., Amelink, C., Briceno, B., Cardosi, J., Devine, J., Grossman, A., Kamasan, A., Kullmann, C., Kumar, C.A., Moise, I., Mwambuli, K., Orsola-Vidal, A., y Wartono, D., «Global scaling up rural sanitation project : progress report july 1, 2009–june 30, 2010 ». Water and Sanitation Program (WSP), WSP, Washington, DC, USA, p. x, 42 p.; ill.; 1 fig.; 2 tab.; 11 boxes; 5 refs.; 1 timeline; 1 poster; 4 diagrams.
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