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Danert, K. y Narkevic, J., «Country-led and country-wide monitoring of rural and small towns water supplies», presented at the 2013-03-01, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2013, p. 12 (+2) p.; 4 fig.; 1 tab.; 2 boxes.
Danert, K., Narkevic, J., Ssozi, D., Wongpiyachon, S., Harpe, J. de la, Gibson, J., Dungu, M., Debela, T.H., Faggianelli, D., Rotbardt, A., y Desille, D., «Presentations on Topic 2: Country-led and country-wide monitoring of rural and small towns water supplies (Symposium 2013, Day 1)», IRC Symposium 2013 : monitoring sustainable WASH service delivery, 9 to 11 April 2013, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia : symposium papers. IRC, 2013.
Kleemeier, E. y Narkevic, J., «A global review of private operator experiences in rural areas : private operator models for community water supply». Water and Sanitation Program - African Region, Nairobi, Kenya, p. 12 p. : 2 boxes, 1 fig., photogr., 2 tab., 2010.
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Narkevic, J., «An improved break-pressure tank for rural water supply», Waterlines, an international journal of water, sanitation and waste, pp. p. 12-13: 2 fig., 1992.