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Bongartz, P. y Chambers, R., «Beyond subsidies : triggering a revolution in rural sanitation», vol. no. 10. Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, p. 4 p. : boxes, 2009.
Chambers, R., Going to scale with community-led total sanitation : reflections on experience, issues and ways forward, vol. no. 1. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, 2009, p. 50 p. : 3 boxes, 1 fig, 3 tab.
Kar, K. y Chambers, R., Handbook on community-led total sanitation. London, UK: Plan UK, 2008, p. 90 p. : boxes, fig., photogr.
Mayoux, L. y Chambers, R., «Reversing the paradigm : quantification, participatory methods and pro-poor growth», Journal of international development, pp. p. 271-298 : 3 boxes, 1 fig. , 2005.
Chambers, R., Whose reality counts? : putting the first last. London, UK: IT Publications, 1997, p. xx, 297 p. : 12 fig., 25 tab.
Chambers, R., Blackburn, J., y Barnard, G., «The power of participation : PRA and policy», vol. no. 7. Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, p. 4 p., 1996.
Chambers, R., Rural appraisal : rapid, relaxed and participatory, vol. no. 311. Brighton, UK: IDS Publications, 1992, p. iii, 90 p.: 2 boxes.
Chambers, R., Mascarenhas, J., Shah, P., Joseph, S., Jayakaran, R., Devavaram, J., Ramachandran, V., Fernandez, A., y Pretty, J., «Participatory rural appraisal : proceedings of the February 1991 Bangalore PRA trainers workshop», vol. no. 13. International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), London, UK, p. 143 p.: fig., tab., photogr., 1991.
Chambers, R., Saxena, N.C., y Shah, T., To the hands of the poor : water and trees. London, UK: IT Publications, 1989, p. xxi, 273 p.: 5 fig., 63 tab.
Chambers, R., Rural development : putting the last first. Harlow, UK: Longman Publishers, 1983, p. x, 246 p.: fig., tab.
Chambers, R., Longhurst, R., y Pacey, A., Seasonal dimensions to rural poverty. London, UK: Frances Pinter, 1981, p. xvi, 259 p.: fig., tab.
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