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Butterworth, J., Latham, K., y Naafs, A., «Climate change, water resources and WASH systems». IRC and Water For People, The Hague, the Netherlands and Denver, CO, USA, p. Working position paper (31 p.: 3 tab.) + 12 Country cases (56 p.), 2021.
Naafs, A., Mekonta, L., Butterworth, J., y Addisu, G., «Summary research report REACH IRC». IRC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, p. 20 pages, 2020.
Whitley, L., Hutchings, P., Cooper, S., Parker, A., kebede, A., Joseph, S., Butterworth, J., Van Koppen, B., y Mulejaa, A., «A framework for targeting water, sanitation and hygiene interventions in pastoralist populations in the Afar region of Ethiopia», vol. 222, n.º 8, pp. 1133-1144 : 2 fig., 2 tab., 2019.
Adank, M., Hailegiorgis, B., y Butterworth, J., «A local systems analysis for rural water services delivery in South Ari and Mile, Ethiopia». University of Colorado Boulder, USAID and IRC Ethiopia, Boulder, CO, USA, p. 60 p. : 10 fig., 9 tab., 2019.
Brunson, L., Butterworth, J., y Mulatu, T., «Planning differently : developing long-term, strategic plans for district-wide water, sanitation and hygiene services», vol. 1, 5 vol. Millennium Water Alliance and IRC Ethiopia, Washington DC, USA, p. 15 p., 2019.
Butterworth, J., Adank, M., y Mekonta, L., «Service delivery models for universal, safe and sustainable water services in Ethiopia», vol. 2, 5 vol. Millennium Water Alliance and IRC Ethiopia, Washington, DC, USA, p. 13 p. : 2 fig., 1 tab., 2019.
Mengistu, B., Butterworth, J., Brunson, L., Mulatu T., y Chaka, T., «Strengthening WASH systems in Ethiopia», presented at the 02/2019, The Hague, the Netherlands, 2019, p. 9 p. : 1 fig., 1 tab.
Terefe, B. y Butterworth, J., «Group Self-supply : a case study of implementation by Millennium Water Alliance partners in Oromia and Amhara». IRC Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, p. 6 p. : 4 fig., 2016.
Butterworth, J. y Potter, A., «Looking back and looking forwards : summary of mid-term progress review workshop for ONE WASH Plus Programme». IRC Ethiopia and UNICEF, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, p. 8 p., 2016.
Adank, M., Butterworth, J., Godfrey, S., y Abera, M., «Looking beyond headline indicators : water and sanitation services in small towns in Ethiopia», vol. 6, n.º 3, pp. 435-446 : 6 fig., 2 tab., 2016.
Adank, M., Butterworth, J., Godfray, J., y Abera, M., «Looking beyond headline indicators : water and sanitation services in small towns in Ethiopia», vol. 6, n.º 3, pp. 435-446 : 6 fig., 2 tab., 2016.
Butterworth, J. y Nega, T., «Monitoring for sustainability : report on a learning seminar». IRC Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, p. 10 p., 2016.
Mekonta, L., Terefe, B., Butterworth, J., y Damte, B., «Self-supply in seven woredas : report of a baseline survey for Millennium Water Alliance Self-supply Acceleration pilots», IRC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2016.
Dimtse, D., Getachew, H., Butterworth, J., y Pearce, J., «WASH monitoring and data use in Afar & Somali : scoping report on processes, systems and capacities». IRC, USAID, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, p. 35, 2016.
Adank, M., Dickinson, N., Butterworth, J., Mekonta, L., Abera, M., y Bostoen, K., «WASH services in small towns : baseline report for a quasi-randomised control trial to assess impacts of the One WaSH Plus programme», IRC / HoAREC Consortium, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2016.
Butterworth, J., «Final project report : water harvesting for multiple use in Ethiopia (MUStRAIN)», IRC, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2014.
Adank, M. y Butterworth, J., «GLOWS training module : learning about Self-supply». IRC, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 22 p. : 2 boxes, 1 fig., 6 tab., 2014.


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