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Smits, S., Rojas, J., y Paola Tamayo, S., «The impact of support to community-based rural water service providers : evidence from Colombia», Water alternatives : an interdisciplinary journal on water, politics and development, pp. p. 384 - 404; 7 tab.; 5 fig., 2013.
Rojas, J., Zamora, A., Tamayo, S.P., y García, M., «Colombia : abastecimiento de agua en zonas rurales : experiencias en la prestación de servicios sostenibles», Triple-S Country Studies. IRC, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 107 p.; 18 tab.; 25 fig.; 4 photographs; 1 box, 2011.
Rojas, J., Zamora, A., Paola Tamayo, S., García, M., y Smits, S., «Models for support to sustainability to community-based management in Colombia», in Proceedings of the international symposium on rural water services : providing sustainable water services at scale, 13-15 April 2010, Kampala, Uganda, , 2010, pp. P. 64-65.
Brikke, F. y Rojas, J., «Principaux facteur pour un recouvrement durable des coûts dans un context de gestion communautaire de l'approvisionnement en eau», vol. no. 32-E. IRC, Delft, The Netherlands, p. x, 100 p. : 7 boxes, 2 fig., 15 tabs., 2003.
Brikke, F. y Rojas, J., «Key factors for sustainable cost recovery in the context of community-managed water supply», vol. no. 32-E. IRC, Delft, The Netherlands, p. vi, 71 p. : 7 boxes, 2 fig., 15 tabs., 2001.
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