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Carter, R., Chilton, J., Danert, K., y Olschewski, A., «Siting of drilled water wells : a guide for project managers», vol. 2014-11. Rural Water supply Network (RWSN), SKAT Foundation, St. Gallen, Switzerland, p. 16 p. : 2 boxes, 9 fig., 3 tab., 2014.
Fawell, J., Bailey, K., Chilton, J., Dahi, E., Fewtrell, L., y Magara, Y., Fluoride in drinking water. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization (WHO), 2006, p. x, 134 p. : fig., tab.
Schmoll, O., Howard, G., Chilton, J., y Chorus, I., Protecting groundwater for health : managing the quality of drinking-water sources. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization (WHO), 2006, p. xix, 678 p. : fig., tab.
MacDonald, A., Davies, J., Calow, R., y Chilton, J., «Developing groundwater : a guide for rural water supply». Practical Action Publishing, Rugby, UK, p. xx, 358 p. : 28 boxes, 129 fig., 47 plates, 38 tab., 2005.
Foster, S., Moench, M., Chilton, J., Cardy, F., y Schiffler, M., Groundwater in rural development : facing the challenges of supply and resource sustainability, vol. no. 463. Washington, DC, USA: World Bank, 2000, p. xvi, 98 p. : 15 boxes, 20 fig., 20 tab.
Wijk-Sijbesma, C.A. van, Baumann, E., Bhatia, R., Kolsky, P., y Chilton, J., «Learning from experience : evaluation of UNICEF's water and environmental sanitation programme in India, 1966-1998», vol. no. 01/04. UNICEF, New York, NY, USA, p. xxx, 76 p. + 234 p. annexes : 7 boxes, 7 fig., 6 tab., 2000.
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