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Nembrini, P.G., Water, sanitation, hygiene and habitat in prisons, 2nd ed.ª ed. Geneva, Switzerland: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), 2013, p. 124 p. : 20 boxes, 104 fig., 6 tab.
Hoekstra, A.Y., Chapagain, A.K., Aldaya, M.M., y Mekonnen, M.M., The water footprint assessment manual : setting the global standard. London, UK: Earthscan, 2011, p. xix, 203 p. : boxes, fig., tab.
Werner, D., Thuman, C., y Maxwell, J., Where there is no doctor : a village health care handbook, 12th rev. ed.ª ed. Berkeley, CA, USA: Hesperian Foundation, 2011, p. xv, 32, 456 p.: ill.
Ghana, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development -GH, «Functional & organisational assessment tool (FOAT) : operational manual». Ghana, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Accra, Ghana, p. iii, 31 p., 2010.
Mooijman, A., Snel, M., Ganguly, S., y Shordt, K., Strengthening water, sanitation and hygiene in schools : a WASH guidance manual with a focus on South Asia, Rev. and updated version of School Sanitation and Hygiene Education – India: Manual., vol. no. 53. The Hague, The Netherlands: IRC, 2010, p. 308 p. : fig., photogr., tab.
Morgan, P. y Shangwa, A., «Teaching ecological sanitation in schools : a compilation of manuals and fact sheets». EcoSanRes, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Stockholm, Sweden, p. 335 p. : ill., 2010.
Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia -New Delhi, IN y Sikkim (State). Rural Management and Development Department -IN, «Training manual : village water safety planning : Sikkim rural drinking water ». Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia, New Delhi, India, p. 28 p. : 2 fig., 7 tab., 2010.
EPA -Washington, DC, US. Office of Water, «Effective utility management : a primer for water and wastewater utilities». US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, DC, USA, p. [6], 45 p. : fig., tab., 2008.
Kar, K. y Chambers, R., Handbook on community-led total sanitation. London, UK: Plan UK, 2008, p. 90 p. : boxes, fig., photogr.
Asian Development Bank -Manila, PH, «In the pipeline : water for the poor : investing in small piped water networks». Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines, p. vi, 98 p. : boxes, fig., tab., 2008.
Ressequie, R. y Duewel, K.S., «Sudan infrastructure services project : community mobilization handbook». USAID, Washington, DC, USA, p. iii, 42 p. : fig., 2008.
Arnalich, S., Epanet y cooperación : 44 ejercicios progresivos comentados paso a paso. Castellon, Spain: UMAN Ingenieria para las personas, 2007, p. iv, 210 p. : ill.
Arnalich, S., Epanet y cooperación : introducción al cálculo de redes de agua por ordenador. Castellon, Spain: UMAN Ingenieria para las personas, 2007, p. iii, 189 p. : fig.
Devotta, S., Wate, S.R., Godfrey, S., Labhasetwar, P., Swami, A., Saxena, A., Dwivedi, A., y Parihar, G., «Greywater reuse in rural schools : wise water management : guidance manual». National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, NEERI, Nagpur, India, p. 60 p. : fig., photogr., 20 tab., 2007.
Mercy Corps -Portland, OR, US, «Guide to cash-for-work programming». Mercy Corps, Portland, OR, USA, p. 64 p. : 5 tab., 2007.
House, S., «How to make WASH projects sustainable and successfully disengage in vulnerable contexts : a practical manual of recommendations and good practices based on a case study of five ACF -IN water, sanitation and hygiene projects». Action Against Hunger International Network, ACF, Paris, France, p. 202 p. : fig., 2007.
Ferron, S., Morgan, J., y O'Reilly, M., Hygiene promotion : a practical manual for relief and development, Rev.ed. Rugby, UK: Practical Action Publishing, 2007, p. xvii, 281 p.: boxes, fig., ill.
Devotta, S., Rayalu, S., Wate, S.R., Labhasetwar, N., Biniwale , R.B., Godfrey, S., Labhasetwar, P., Chakma, T., Swami, A., Dwivedi, H.B., Parihar, G., y Saxena, A., «Integrated fluorosis mitigation: guidance manual». National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, NEERI, Nagpur, India, p. xii, 87 p. : 21 fig., 9 tab., 2007.
Kenya. Ministry of Health -KE, «Linking communities with the health system : the Kenya essential package for health at level 1 : a manual for training community health extension workers». Kenya, Ministry of Health, Nairobi, Kenya, p. 65 p., 2007.
COHRE -Geneva, CH., Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions, «Manual on the right to water and sanitation». Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE), Geneva, Switzerland, p. 154 + 9 p. : boxes, 2007.
Ghana. Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Environment -GH, «Operational manual for the implementation and administration of the functional and organisational assessment tool and the district development fund». Ghana, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Environment, Accra, Ghana, p. 32, xiv p. : fig., tab., 2007.
Thomas, T.H. y Martinson, D.B., Roofwater harvesting : a handbook for practitioners, vol. no. 49. Delft, The Netherlands: IRC, 2007, p. 156 p. : fig., tab.
Caritas Switzerland/Luxembourg - SwissGroup, «Somali PHAST step-by-step guide». Caritas Switzerland/Luxembourg – SwissGroup, Geneva, Switzerland, p. 42 p., 2007.


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