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Calorama -Elburg, NL, «Hand drilled wells», vol. no. 3. Calorama Rural Development Service, Elburg, The Netherlands, p. 65 p. : fig., photogr., tab., tech. drwngs., 1997.
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Zwarteveen, M.Z. y Neupane, N., Free-riders or victims : women's nonparticipation in irrigation management in Nepal's Chhattis Mauja irrigation scheme, vol. no. 7. Colombo, Sri Lanka: International Irrigation Management Institute, 1996, p. v, 21 p. : 1 fig., 1 tab.
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Chapman, D., Water quality assessments : a guide to the use of biota, sediments and water in environmental monitoring, 2nd ed.ª ed. London, UK: Chapman and Hall, 1996, p. xxi, 626 p.: fig., tab.
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