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Mara, D.D., Silva, S.A., y Oliveira, R. de, Performance of waste stabilization ponds in Northeast Brazil, vol. no. 9. Leeds, UK: University of Leeds, Department of Civil Engineering, 1996, p. ix, 139 p. : fig., tab.
Schock, M.R., Lytle, D.A., y Clement, J.A., «Effect of pH, DIC, orthophosphate and sulfate on drinking water cuprosolvency». US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Cincinnati, OH, USA, p. x, 95 p. : 22 fig., 10 tab., 1995.
Pontius, F.W., «An update of the federal drinking water regs», Journal American Water Works Association, pp. p. 48-58: 6 tab., 1995.
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