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Parkinson, J. y Blume, S., «Improving the robustness of financial and economic analysis of sanitation systems», presented at the 2010-11-16, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2010, p. 13 p. : 2 fig., 3 tab.
Schuen, R., Parkinson, J., y Knapp, A., «Study for financial and economic analysis of ecological sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa». Water and Sanitation Program - African Region, Nairobi, Kenya, p. xi, 32 p. : 14 fig., 9 tab., 2009.
Parkinson, J. y Khatib Alam, S.M., «Appropriate design standards and construction specifications for tertiary sewerage systems». GHK International, Islamabad, Pakistan, p. iii, 53 p. : boxes, fig., photogr., tab., tech. drwng., 2002.