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Pervaiz, A., Rahman, P., y Hasan, A., Lessons from Karachi : the role of demonstration, documentation, mapping and relationship building in advocacy for improved urban sanitation and water services, vol. no. 6. London, UK: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), 2008, p. 91 p. : 8 boxes, 37 fig., 2 tab.
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SKAT -St. Gallen, CH, «SKAT's documentation-information-communication activities : evaluation report». SKAT (Swiss Centre for Development Cooperation in Technology and Management), St. Gallen, Switzerland, p. v, 111 p. + annexes (22 p.) : fig., tab., 1995.
Guinchat, C., Menou, M., y Blanquet, M.-F., Introduction generale aux sciences et techniques de l'information et de la documentation, 2nd enl. ed.ª ed. Paris, France: UNESCO, 1990, p. 543 p.: fig., tab.
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INADES -Abidjan, CI, «Organiser et gerer un centre de documentation en Afrique». INADES-Documentation, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, p. 94 p.: fig., tab., 1988.
ISO -Geneva, CH, «Documentation : methods for examining documents, determining their subjects, and selecting indexing terms», vol. no. 5963. International Organization for Standardization, Geneva, Switzerland, p. iii, 5 p.: fig., 1985.
Pitsch, T., «Water documentation = Eau et documentation», in 14th International water supply congress held in Zurich, 6-10 September 1982 : technical papers = 14eme Congres de l'Association Internationale des Distributions d'Eau, 1982, pp. Paper no. 20 (P. SS 20-1 - SS 20-16).
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