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A. Douma, «Towards a workable approach to mainstream gender in natural resources management». Both ENDS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, p. 52 p.; 5 tab.; 7 fig.; 5 photographs, 2012.
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S. Ahmed, «Where no one has worked before : innovations behind WaterAid’s WASH work in Bangladesh tea garden communities», vol. 1. WaterAid, Dhaka, Bangladesh, p. 7 p.; 6 fig., 2012.
K. Greene, Romano, G., y Morshed, G., «Women’s WASH platforms in Bangladesh and Cambodia», vol. 14. WaterAid, S.l., p. 8 p.; 8 fig., 2012.
G. Halcrow, Rowland, C., Bond, M., Willetts, J., y Carrard, N., «Working from strengths : Plan and SNV integrate gender into community-led sanitation and hygiene approaches in Vietnam», vol. 15. SNV Nepal, S.l., p. 9 p.; 8 fig., 2012.
L. Leong, «Working towards genderresponsive water, sanitation and hygiene at the organisational level», vol. 16. SNV Netherlands Development Organization, S.l., p. 9 p.; 4 fig., 2012.
A. - C. Loftus, Howe, C., Anton, B., Philip, R., y Morchain, D., «Adapting urban water systems to climate change : a handbook for decision makers at the local level». ICLEI European Secretariat GmbH, Freiburg, Germany, p. 53 p.; ill.;fig.; tab.; boxes; photographs, 2011.
A. Parker, Smith, J., Norman, R., Henriques, C., Muro, M., Carter, R., Casey, V., Danert, K., Olschewski, A., Butterworth, J., y Institute of Water and Environment, Cranfield University -Silsoe, GB, «Africa wide water, sanitation and hygiene technology review». Cranfield University at Silsoe, Cranfield, UK, p. 93 p. : 1 box, 9 fig., 1 tab., 2011.
R. E. Schulze, «Approaches towards practical adaptive management : options for selected water-related sectors in South Africa in a context of climate change», Water SA, pp. p. 621 - 646; 7 tab.; 4 fig., 2011.
P. Mader, «Attempting the production of public goods through microfinance : the case of water and sanitation : paper presented at the University of Pula 5th International Scientific Conference “Entrepreneurship and Macroeconomic Management: Reflections on the World ». S.n., S.l., p. 19 p.;, 2011.
S. Smits, «Cobertura total: ¿para siempre? : sistematización de la experiencia de Water For People en la municipalidad de Chinda, Honduras». IRC, The Hague, The Netherlands, p. 48 p. : 1 box, 8 photogr., 6 tab., 2011.
Society for Participatory Research in Asia -New Delhi, IN, PRIA, «Democratic accountability in local governance institutions : experiences from South Asia». Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), New Delhi, India, p. xiii, 167 p.; 7 fig.; 12 tab.; 29 boxes, 2011.
U. G. N. E. T. W. A. S. Uga Kampala, «Ecological sanitation in Uganda : inspirational success stories from the field». Network for Water and Sanitation Uganda, NETWAS-U, Kampala, Uganda, p. 33 p. : 44 photogr., 2011.
A. Biran, «Enabling technologies for handwashing with soap : a case study on the tippy-tap in Uganda : global scaling up handwashing project». Water and Sanitation Program, WSP, S.l., p. 30 p.; 1 box; 2 tab.; 4 photographs, 2011.
J. Vos, «Fighting corruption in the water sector : methods, tools and good practices». UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), New York, NY, USA, p. 95 p.; ill.; tab.; fig., 2011.
F. Gugu, «Financing sanitation in Dar-Es-Salaam : current challenges and the way forward : paper presented at the East Africa practioners workshop on pro-poor urban sanitation and hygiene, Laico Umbano Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda, march 29th - 31st 2011 », presented at the 2011-03-31, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2011, p. 8 p.; 2 fig.
A. Denkabe, «Ghana’s national water supply integrity study : mapping transparency, accountability and participation in service delivery : an analysis of the wa..». Ghana Integrity Initiative, Accra, Ghana, p. xiv, 88 p.; 8 fig.; 32 tab.; 10 boxes, 2011.
J. Wood, Healthcare in Asia : the innovation imperative. London, UK: Economist Intelligence Unit, EIU, 2011, p. 33 p.
S. Speelman, Frija, A., Buysse, J., y Van Huylenbroeck, G., «The importance of irrigation water rights: lessons from South Africa and Tunisia», Water policy : official journal of the World Water Council, pp. p. 663 - 676; 4 tab. , 2011.


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