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United States. Department of Energy -US y United States. Department of State -US, «Energy and water for sustainable living: a compendium of energy and water succes stories:». USAID, Washington, DC, USA, p. xii, 124 p. : fig., photogr.
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Rural Health Care Foundation -UG, «Integrated water, hygiene and sanitation promotion [progress report] Jan - June 2005 ». .
Collignon, B. y Valfrey, B., «Les operateurs prives du secteur informel qui approvisionnent en eau les petits centres et les quartiers irreguliers des grandes metropoles». Hydro Conseil, Paris, France.
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Bhavan, J., «Memorandum of association & rules & regulations of water and sanitation management organization : ( a registered society under the societies registration act, 1860)». Water and Sanitation Management Organization, WASMO, Gandhinagar, India.
«Monitoring in water supply and sanitation page». .
Jeffrey, P. y Russell, S., «Participative planning for water reuse projects : a handbook of principles, tools and guidance». p. 30 p. : boxes. fig., tab.
Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia -New Delhi, IN, «Pilot project on solid waste management in Khulna city : the role of participatory urban appraisal». Water and Sanitation Program - South Asia, Dhaka, Bangladesh, p. 4 p.: fig.
Toure, C. y Dossou-Yovo, L., «Plan stratégique d'assainissement de la ville de Ziguinchor : "composante gestion des déchets solides municipaux"». p. 77 p. : fig., map, tabs.
Schouten, T. y Da Silva Wells, C., «Process documentation», pp. p. 356 - 366; 7 boxes; 1 tab.
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Bonu, S. y Kim, H., Sanitation in India : progress, differentials, correlates, and challenges, vol. no. 2. p. ix, 35 p. : 16 fig., 5 tab.
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Mugabi, E., «Uganda’s decentralisation policy, legal framework, local government structure and service delivery : paper prepared for the First Conference of Regional Assemblies of Africa and Europe, September 17 to 18, 2004. Florence, Italy». S.n., S.l., p. 7 p.
UNICEF East Asia and the Pacific -Bangkok, TH, «UNICEF EAPRO WASH in schools monitoring package». UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand, p. 24 p.
Freshwater Action Network Central America -San Jose, CR, «Water boards of Central America : assessment of local management of water resources, a comparative study». Freshwater Action Network Central America (FANCA), San Jose, Costa Rica, p. 24 p.
Berkowitz, P., «Water budgeting monitoring tool». Centre for Applied Legal Studies, CALS, Braamfontein, South Africa, p. 88 p. : fig., tab.
Accion Fraterna -Anantapur, India, «Water, households and rural livelihoods project : Accion Fraterna's work in water management». Accion Fraterna, Anantapur, India, p. 2 p. : 2 boxes.
Brown, A., «Years of fresh water : a reference guide to resources supporting water-related projects». Quaker United Nations Office, New York, NY, USA, p. 179 p.


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