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«Water in Mexico». .
«"Water in rivers"». .
«Water institutions and economic incentives to ameliorate market and government failures». .
«Water international». .
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Water management : sector report : 10 years after Rio: the UNEP assessment. .
Water Management Series. .
«Water media network bringing water to life». .
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«Water papers». the Water Unit, Transport, Water and ICT Department, Sustainable Development Vice Presidency, S.l.
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«Water P-notes». .
Water policy briefing / IWMI. .
IWA -London, GB, International Water Association, «Water policy : official journal of the World Water Council». International Water Association, London, UK.
Water policy report / ODI. London, UK: Overseas Development Institute (ODI).
«Water Policy Research Highlight». International Water Management Institute (IWMI), india gujarat.
«Water pollution control research series». .
Water practice manuals. .
Water pumping by wind and solar energy. .
«water purification distribution and sewage disposal peace corps». .
WHO Collaborating Centre on Surface and Ground Water Quality -Ottawa, Ont, CA, «Water quality bulletin». WHO Collaborating Centre on Surface and Ground Water Quality, Ottawa, Ont, Canada.


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