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Braga, M.I.J., «Marco analítico para el manejo integrado de recursos hídricos : lineamientos para la evaluación de marcos institucionales». Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC, USA, p. 80 p.
Jabalpur (Muicipality). Municipal Corporation -IN, «Municipal corporation Jabalpur : solid waste management in community : progress and proposals : evaluation mission with UN-Habitat». Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, Jabalpur, India, p. 13 p. + 11 p. photogr. + 2 annexes.
ILACO -Arnhem, NL, Yemen. Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources -YE, y Netherlands. Ministry of Foreign Affairs -NL. DGIS, Directorate General for Development Cooperation, «Rada integrated rural development project : inventory study : report phase I». Ilaco, Arnhem, The Netherlands, p. ii, 42 p. + 131 p. annexes: fig., map, tab.
Denmark. Ministry of Foreign Affairs - DK, «Rapport d'Evaluation Concomitante : phase 4A du projet d'hydraulique, ONEA, Burkina Faso». Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, Denmark, p. 173 p. : 2 box., 1 fig., 9 tab.
Tiglao, T.V., «A reevaluation of health practices in a Philippine rural community : a report of a type A project». Columbia University, New York, NY, USA, p. 252 p.
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Burkina Faso. Direction de l'Hydraulique et de l'Equipement Rural -BF, «Seminaire international sur la decennie de l'assainissement et de l'eau potable». Burkina Faso, Direction de l'Hydraulique et de l'Equipement Rural (HER), S.l., p. various paging.
Canelli, N., «Sistemas condominiales de agua y alcantarillado : proyecto piloto el alto – Bolivia». World Bank, Lima, Peru, p. 94 p.
USAID -Washington, DC, US y Horsley and Witten -Sandwich, MA, US, «Source water protection: a training manual for communities in Nicaragua». US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, DC, USA, p. 57 p. : fig., fotographs.
Observatorio de la Sostenibilidad en Espana -Alcala de Henares, ES, OSE, «Water and sustainability : water basin functionality». Observatorio de la Sostenibilidad en Espana, OSE, Alcala de Henares, Spain, p. 203 p. : fig., maps, tab.