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TitlePani panchayat : an exercise in community management and participation : an action-research in strenthening community participation in the Rural Drinking Water Supply Scheme of the Gujarat Government, ensuring focusing on women in economic and ecological
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsBhatt, R.M.
Paginationv, 177 p.: tab.
Date Published1990-01-01
PublisherFoundation for Public Interest
Place PublishedAhmedabad, India
Keywordscommunity management, community participation, cost recovery, india gujarat, maintenance costs, man6, piped distribution, water committees, water supply charges, women

This report dealing with the Indian state of Gujarat, attempts to address the following questions: Can a rural drinking water supply scheme in an arid-zone be formulated, implemented and operated through community participation? Can the Pani-Panchayat (PP) organizational structure lead towards community participation? How can women be mobilized for participation and management of a scheme through PP? Can the time and energy of women, no longer needed for the drudgery of fetching water, be utilized for other productive activities? The general research objectives included the provision of advice to the GSWSSB on the establishment and effective funtioning of PP; to guide existing and future PPs on effective functioning; and to find out whether they can contribute towards the costs of maintenance and repair. More specific objectives included an assessment of why some villages were reluctant to initiate PP or to nominate members to it; conduct an examination into the optimal composition of PP in current circumstances; an identification of the training needs of members of PP; look into the need for additional incentives for the members and villages as whole; give advise on the feasibility of making PP a developmental organization with leadership and participation of women.

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