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TitleMaking the links : mapping the relationship between water, hygiene and sanitation, and HIV/AIDS : a joint think-piece
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
AuthorsWaterAid -Addis Ababa, ET, Progynist -Addis Ababa, ET
Pagination6 p. : boxes
Date Published2004-01-01 ?
Place PublishedAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Keywordscase studies, ethiopia, health aspects, hiv/aids, hygiene, poverty, sanitation, sdiafr, sdihyg, water supply

For a person living with HIV/AIDS access to water and sanitation facilities is especially critical. The risks posed by poor facilities can be fatal for someone who has contracted the virus. Poverty goes hand-in-hand with inadequate hygiene and sanitation facilities, and people living in overcrowded slum areas are frequently denied this basic right. The relationship between HIV/AIDS incidence and poverty has been well documented. With adequate nutrition, proper housing, sufficient medical care and good levels of hygiene and sanitation, it is possible for someone living with HIV/AIDS to maintain relatively good health for many years. Whilst the role of a positive mental attitude and supportive family is also recognised as important. If these basic needs are not met, then an individual's condition can deteriorate rapidly; opportunistic diseases may take hold, and even eventually prove fatal. While only part of the answer, good hygiene and sanitation is key to prolonging the lives, and improving the well being, of those living with HIV/AIDS.
This paper highlights what are believed to be key connections in the relationship between water, hygiene and sanitation provision, and HIV/AIDS. Most of the statistics quoted here are based on a small number of cases from a relatively small project area. Further study of the relationship is recommended to understand the issues better.

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