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TitleBiogas systems
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsEcoSan Club -Vienna, AT
Secondary TitleSustainable sanitation practice
EditionSustainable sanitation practice
Pagination24 p.
Date Published2009-10-01
Keywordsbiogas production, india kerala, lesotho, morocco

Digesting faeces at household level - experience from a “model tourism village” in South India by Christian Zurbrügg, Yvonne Vögeli, Nicolas Estoppey;  Biogas systems in Lesotho: an effective way to generate energy while sanitizing wastewater by Mantopi MdP Lebofa, Elisabeth M. Huba; and Evaluation of formulas to calculate biogas production under Moroccan conditions by Youssef Abarghaz, Mustapha Mahi, Christine Werner, Najib Bendaou, Mohammed Fekhaoui

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