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Webinar discussing the state-of-play in national level monitoring of rural water supply, with presentations also of country-led monitoring systems including DACAAR in Afghanistan, SIBS in Timor-Leste and SIASAR in Nicaragua and Honduras.

TitleNational monitoring
Publication TypeWebinar
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsPearce, J., Greggio, E., Stephens, E.
EditionWater Point Mapping and Monitoring Series
Date Published10/2015
Publication LanguageEnglish

This third webinar in the series explores the latest state-of-play in national level monitoring of rural water supply, which presentations also of country-led monitoring systems. In these systems, information is collected, analysed and used to inform decentralized resource allocation. Case studies of national monitoring models were reviewed to understand the approaches used in embedding the systems and processes required for maintaining accurate and timely rural water supply information. These case studies also demonstrate the impact monitoring has had on extending equitable and sustainable service delivery and provide key learning points.

This webinar was organised on 28 October 2015.

Citation Key81542
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