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TitleInventario nacional del sector de agua potable y saneamiento basico. Tomo 1. Infrastructura fisica de los sistemas
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsGarcia, MI
Pagination133 p. : 4 fig., 29 tab.
Date Published1998-07-01
PublisherColombia, Ministerio de Desarrollo Economico
Place PublishedBogota, Colombia
Keywordscolombia, disposal, infrastructure, inventories, safe water supply, sanitation, sdiman, sewerage, small towns, statistics, urban areas, water distribution

This investigation was led by the Ministry of Economic Development of Colombia, with the objective of having the most complete and up-to-date information about enough environmental, institutional and managerial aspects, physical and technical of aqueduct and sewerage systems and cleaning in the urban areas of Colombia. It is directed to public and private agents, involved in plans and regulation programs of hire, investment, projection of rates, and operation and maintenance, mainly. The information was gathered in 1.708 municipal areas. Due to the different ranks of population of the urban centers, the results are presented in four categories, in accordance with the number habitants.

In the first volume, it presents information on the physical characteristics and technical aspects of the diverse components of the water supply systems, from the sources used for the supply, until the distribution phase to the users of the service. Sewer systems and materials of the networks of gathering of waste waters, as well as the teams and the elements for the operation and maintenance. Finally, in the part of urban cleaning, besides the physical infrastructure, it is presented information about the sweeping of the streets, quantity of gathered solid residuals and transportation and final disposal of the garbages. With the study conclude the existence of a high percentage of municipalities that don´t apply any treatment to the waste waters that are poured to the water sources and waterways. Equally, the deficiencies in the treatment and final disposal of solid residuals, on the part of the great variety of entities of the country that supply the service to urban users.

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Translated TitleNational inventory of the drinking water supply and sanitation sector. Volume 1. Physical infrastructure of the systems

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