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TitleNosotras en la ciudad : el aporte invisible de las mujeres al desarrollo urbano de Colombia
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsDalmazzo, M
Pagination49 p.: ill.
Date Published1990-01-01
PublisherNosotras en la Ciudad
Place PublishedBogota, Colombia
Keywordscolombia, community development, safe water supply, urban communities, women

The main objective of this booklet is to disseminate the outcomes of the research "Women living in low-income areas and the urban crisis" among those same women who participated in the research. It also aims at valuing the work done by women to overcome the problems resulting from lack of public and social services and proper housing. It also aims at stimulating the exchange of experiences and to support the women's work. The findings are presented in simple language by the women who were interviewed in 15 cities in Colombia. The findings refer to everyday problems in the communities: lack of water, proper housing, health services,energy, safety and health of the children. The women also told how they organize themselves to overcome their problems, how their organization works, what their contribution is, how they distribute their time, and what their achievements are. Later, the women concluded that they also had no right to be the owner of their houses, no opportunities to express their opinion, no possibilities to participate in decisions taken concerning urban problems or to plan their house space, no egalitarian distribution of domestic roles among men, women and children, no leisure time, and no training opportunities.

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Translated TitleWe, the women in the city : the invisible contribution of women in urban development in Colombia

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