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Service level figures South Aria woreda (South Ari woreda WASH SDG master plan, 2021)

2019 kick off WASH SDG plan development
2021 launch WASH SDG master plan
2022-2029 implementation of the plan
2030 universal access to safe WASH

Improving the lives of 177,000 people

South Ari is located in the South Omo Zone of Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's (SNNP) Regional State in Ethiopia. The population: 177,136. The woreda is divided into twenty-eight rural and three urban kebeles. The principal town of the woreda is Gazer with a total population of 5,442 (2019).

By working towards basic water, sanitation and hygiene services by 2030

We are working towards basic water, sanitation and hygiene services for everyone by 2030. We are doing this by working with service providers, local government, and non-governmental and academic organisations. We develop partnerships and goals for our work through learning alliances. These support the development of understanding in the WASH service delivery system and provide the ability to develop and execute shared action agendas.

With a plan backed by government 

The agenda we have shaped together has resulted in a long term district WASH master plan. The plan, backed by a resource mobilisation strategy for the master plan implementation was endorsed by the district cabinets in 2021. The document provides the vision and strategy for steps to take to meet the 2030 targets. The work now focuses on the delivery of these plans. A significant step forward. 

Download the South Ari woreda WASH SDG master plan

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