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Tariffs, Taxes and Transfers (3Ts) are the three basic sources of revenue for WASH services. “Tariffs” are funds contributed by users of WASH services (also including the value of labour and material investments of households managing their own water supply). “Taxes” refer to funds originating from domestic taxes that are channelled to the sector by the central, regional and local governments. “Transfers” refer to funds from international donors and charitable foundations. Transfers include grants and concessional loans, such as those given by the World Bank, which include a grant element in the form of a subsidised interest rate or a grace period.[Source: WHO & UN-Water, 2012. UN-Water global annual assessment of sanitation and drinking-water (GLAAS) 2012 report : the challenge of extending and sustaining services. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization (WHO). P. 26]