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P. Amerasinghe, Jampani, M., y Drechsel, P., «Cities as sources of irrigation water : an Indian scenario», vol. 53. International Water Management Institute, IMWI, india gujarat, p. 8 p.; 5 fig.; 1 tab., 2012.
S. M. Scheierling, Bartone, C., Mara, D. D., y Drechsel, P., «Improving wastewater use in agriculture : an emerging priority», vol. 5412. The World Bank : Water Anchor : Energy, Transport, and Water Department, S.l., p. 107 p.; 203 refs.; tab.; fig.; boxes, 2010.
P. Drechsel, Scott, C. A., Raschid-Sally, L., Redwood, M., y Bahri, A., Wastewater irrigation and health : assessing and mitigating risk in low-income countries. London, UK: Earthscan, 2010, p. 432 p. : 25 boxes, 42 fig., 57 tab.
P. Drechsel, Graefe, S., Sonou, M., y Cofie, O., Informal irrigation in urban West Africa : an overview, vol. 102. Colombo, Sri Lanka: International Water Management Institute (IWMI), 2006, p. 34 p.; 7 tab.; 6 fig.; 7 boxes.
O. Cofie, Drechsel, P., Obuobie, E., Danso, G., y Keraita, B., «Environmental sanitation and urban agriculture in Ghana», in Towards the millennium development goals - actions for water and environmental sanitation : proceedings of the 29th WEDC conference, Abuja, Nigeria, 2003, Loughborough, UK, 2003, pp. P. 9-12 : 3 tab.
E. Obuobie, Keraita, B., Danso, G., Amoah, P., Cofie, O., Raschid-Sally, L., y Drechsel, P., «Irrigated urban vegetable production in Ghana : characteristics, benefits and risks». City Farmer, Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture, Vancouver, BC, Canada, p. 150 p. (16 seperate PDF-files).
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