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Includes the following modules: 1. Contabilidad basica para el comite de agua; 2.

TitleModulo[s] para comunidades programa UNEPAR-KfW-IRC
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsEspejo, N, Nimatuj, O, Sanchez, V, Quinonez, M, F. Ortiz, G, F. Lopez, I
Pagination15 vol. (218 p.): ill.
Date Published1994-01-01
PublisherUnidad Ejecutora Programa Acueductos Rurales, Ministerio Salud Publica y Asisten
Place PublishedQuetzaltenango, Guatemala
Keywordsaccounting, cab95/34, composting latrines, contracts, disposal, guatemala, instructional aids, legislation, maintenance, operation, rural areas, source protection, sullage, tariffs, ventilated improved pit latrines, water committees, water management

Includes the following modules: 1. Contabilidad basica para el comite de agua; 2. La tarifa para la administracion del sistema del agua potable; 3. Documentos legales del sistema de agua potable; 4. Operacion y mantenimiento preventivo del sistema de agua; 5. Informes de construccion a UNEPAR; 6. Importancia de la letrina; 7. Uso y mantenimiento de la letrina tradicional mejorada; 8. Uso y mantenimiento de la LASF; 9. Manejo y uso del agua; 10. Disposicion de aguas grises; 11. Proteccion de microcuencas y fuentes; 12. El reglamento del sistema de agua potable; 13. El convenio entre la comunidad y UNEPAR; 14. El sistema de agua y sus componentes; and 15. Manual del facilitador comunal para aplicar los modulos de aprendizaje. This set of fourteen training modules, accompanied by a guide for facilitators, has been produced for water committees in the UNEPAR-KfW-IRC rural water and sanitation programme in Quetzaltenango, western Guatemala. All modules are written in simple language and incorporate participatory techniques. The set contains the following modules: (1) Basic accounting for water committees; (2) Tariffs for drinking water system management; (3) Legal documents for drinking water systems; (4) Operation and preventive maintenance of water supply systems; (5) Reporting on construction to UNEPAR; (6) The Importance of latrines; (7) Use and maintenance of the improved traditional latrines; (8) Use and maintenance of LASF (composting latrines); (9) Water management and use; (10) Grey water disposal; (11) Protection of water sources and micro-basins; (12) Drinking water system regulations; (13) The Contract between the community and UNEPAR; (14) The Water system and its components.

NotesHealth education / community mobilization material available
Custom 1204.1
Translated TitleModule[s] for communities in the UNEPAR-KfW-IRC programme

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